It’s incredible how fast termites can chew their way through the wood. These pests create tunnels inside wooden materials, causing additional damage to the structural integrity of your home. When you notice the signs of a termite infestation, there may already be significant damage done underneath the surface. Termites can spread rapidly and chew through wood, impacting the stability of the whole house. 

If you have termites in your home, it’s impossible to predict how much damage will be done before deciding whether or not to get the issue addressed. Many factors may influence how much damage is done by termites, including their kind, the size of their colony, and their location. Even the kind of infected wood may have a role in the outcome.

Understanding Termite Colonies

Termites live in colonies, and even if there are smaller colonies, you may have several colonies infesting your house simultaneously. They are capable of causing as much harm as a more extensive colony when working together. A termite nest’s size ranges from 60,000 to 3 million workers, depending on where you reside. Temperature differences across regions imply that termites are active for more extended periods in warmer climates. Seasonal fluctuations in termite activity can be observed as the temperature changes.

The mature size of an eastern subterranean termite colony is about 60,000 individuals. On average, a colony of this size may consume about 1/5 of an ounce of wood in a single day. On the other hand, the typical size of an eastern underground colony comprises 300,000 employees, which may use about one cubic foot of wood in a year’s worth of use. 

The Formosan subterranean termite colonies may be found in the southern states of the United States, where the temperature is warmer. A total of three million people labour in these colonies on average. The colony’s size allows them to consume one foot of 2×4 board in less than 48 hours. 

What Dangers Do Termites Pose to Your House?

Termites are drawn to wood and moisture as a source of nutrition. Even if you only see a tiny hole or other minor signs of termites in your house, there may be a great deal more damage occurring under the surface of the structure. If your house is mainly constructed of brick or masonry, the damage done by termites can still impact its structural integrity. Termites may infiltrate your home’s wood structure and wreak havoc on the structure. The use of wood panelling, for example, may make it vulnerable to termite damage.

Termites not only cause structural damage to your house, but they also leave a foul stench in your home due to the fecal pellets that they excrete. They may cause your walls to blister or darken as a result. All of these variables have the potential to cause extensive damage and cleanup. The longer you put off taking action, the greater the chance of this happening. To ensure that termites are not causing damage to your house, you should do a rudimentary inspection by yourself weekly.

Keeping Termite Nests at Bay

The most crucial step in preventing a termite infestation is to keep your house clean. Water leaks and wood heaps in and around your house may attract pests like termites and other wood-destroying insects. Make careful to stay away from tree branches that are connected to your home as well as possible. They may serve as a bridge for termites to access your home.

Keep any unused firewood out of sight and away from your house; don’t leave it lying around. Maintain a neat and orderly lawn and backyard. These are the most effective methods of preventing termites from taking up residence in your home.

Final Thoughts

The most straightforward approach to avoiding costly repairs due to termite damage recognizes the symptoms as soon as they appear. Unfortunately, houses that have been subjected to termite infestations suffer a substantial reduction in structural value. It is thus critical to avoid a termite infestation before it occurs to preserve the value of your house.

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