As the friendliest and most adorable member of your family, your pet (or pets) undoubtedly makes coming home something to look forward to every single day. Compared to other days, however, you feel a weird feeling in your stomach that something’s wrong. 

Although your dog or cat is fine and dandy and nothing’s ripped up to shreds, you have a strong hunch that something’s not quite right and needs to be handled before it becomes a full-blown problem. After checking things back and forth and going over your checklist repeatedly, you’ve come to the conclusion that you might have flea problems in your home because of your pets.

But how do you make sure that you’re really dealing with a nasty pest that your lovable furry pal didn’t mean to bring in your home?

Signs That Your Home (and Pets) Has Fleas

Fleas are a lot more than just a mere nuisance: they carry all sorts of nasty viruses, can pass on diseases to pets and humans and make a home feel less comfortable. Unfortunately, however, failing to eradicate the problem quickly and letting it grow worse can make things a whole lot more difficult to keep things clean. This is why it’s crucial to act quickly. 

If you suspect that you have fleas at home but you’re not entirely familiar with what’s going on, here are the signs to watch out for so you can call Frontline Pest Services ASAP:

Sign #1: Your Pet Is Scratching Themselves More Than They Usually Do

If your cat or dog is itching and scratching themselves far more than they normally would, then chances are they have a couple of fleas on them (and it’s likely there are a lot more around your house). 

When fleas start to latch onto your pet, they begin to nestle themselves deep inside their fur in spots that your cat or dog can’t reach—such as the back of the head, neck or high up the stomach. Once your furry pal starts to scratch themselves a whole lot more than they usually do, make sure to act fast so you can save your home from a flea infestation. 

Sign #2: Your Pet Is Restless

Another hallmark sign of a flea infestation at home is pet restlessness.

When fleas begin to latch themselves onto your dog or cat, you can expect to see them become more restless because the itching (and the fact they can’t reach to scratch) bothers them all day round. In certain cases, in fact, flea infestations can cause pets to display behaviours like snappiness and fidgeting that aren’t expected of them. 

Sign #3: There Are Small Red-Brown or Black Specks Around Your Home

Apart from pet-related changes, signs of fleas in your home can present themselves in the form of unusual markings on your walls and floors. If you spot red-brown or black specks of dust around your home (or even on your pets), you might be dealing with the presence of flea dirt—also known as the faeces of these nasty pests. 

Not to be confused with normal household dirt or dust, this type of poop-dirt hybrid can be identified by swiping a sample with a white paper towel and spraying it with water. If the spots turn red or brown hues come up after exposure to water, then chances are that you’ve got flea dirt all over your house. 


Whenever fleas begin to pop up in a home, any homeowner must act as quickly as possible to ensure that they prevent any unwanted issues from popping up. By watching out for the three signs mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that you don’t end up harbouring pests in your house that can harm both you and your pets! 

If you find that your home has a flea infestation problem, call on Frontline Pest Services.  We provide flea removal services in the Sunshine Coast and the Hinterland area for homes of all kinds. Get in touch with us today!