If you found termites in your yard and you’re wondering what to do between the time you saw them and the arrival of the pest control services, don’t attempt a do-it-yourself treatment and risk making things worse. We have listed a set of other things you should not do. 

DON’T Panic 

Termites are subterranean, meaning they’re active deep beneath the ground surface. They’re also found in almost every yard, just like regular ants. If you find live termites, don’t panic or do anything rash like getting rid of them instantly. Don’t pour diesel or petrol, set the nest on fire or use fly spray or any pool chemicals. Instead, immediately ask for professional assistance.

DON’T Use Insect Spray

An insect spray is not an effective way to get rid of pests, nor is it a band-aid solution to your problem. Termites live deep beneath the surface in large numbers, so spraying an insect spray on the surface won’t do much at all. You’re only forcing them to relocate elsewhere but still within your yard. So you’re only making your pest problem worse.

DON’T Try to Relocate the Termites

You can’t relocate termites by shovelling them up into your wheelbarrow and dumping them far away from your property. Termites create a network deep beneath the ground, and it’s more likely that the termite colony is actually concealed. Active termites might already be widespread throughout your yard. Attempting to relocate them only disturbs them and may even cause them to migrate inside your home.

DON’T Keep Railway Sleepers or Pine Sleepers

Get rid of railway sleepers or pine sleepers when you see early signs of infestation. Some homeowners use treated pine sleepers as raised garden beds to plant natural herbs. Pine sleepers are usually treated with chemicals like Arsenic or Deltamethrin. Watering them daily causes chemicals to leak into the soil and eventually make their way into your food. Moreover, when timber is in direct contact with the ground with high moisture content, it can be an ideal nesting and feeding source for termites.

DON’T Neglect Termites Found Far From Your Home

If you’re in your garden and suddenly discover termites, but they’re more than ten meters away from your home, don’t just neglect it! Termites can travel up to 50 meters from their nesting source, and it’s possible that they can or have already reached your home. Termites are known for building extensive networks of concealed mud galleries and tunnels below the ground. So if you find termites within 50-meter proximity from your home, have them inspected.


Protect your home from termites through prevention and awareness and have regular termite inspections performed on your home. Early detection of the problem will help you get the best corrective measure before any substantial damage has happened to your home. 

To protect your property, you may also put a termite barrier, whether it’s a chemical barrier, a physical barrier or a termite bait system. Bait systems, in particular, can be strategically placed within your yard to intercept termites before they reach your home. It will also eliminate colonies around your garden.

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