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What if live termites are found in my property?
If live termites are found or confirmed during the course of our termite inspection they can initially be treated where they are found to remove all active signs of them inside your property. Depending on where they are found this can be done either with above ground bait stations which are placed over their mud-tubes and workings or alternatively with direct application of a termiticide called Termidor with the active ingredient called fipronil. Both of these methods are designed to eliminate all active signs of termites from your property. Once this has been achieved it is highly recommended that an ongoing termite management system be installed to mitigate the risk of further termite infestations. This can be done by either installing a chemical termite barrier or a termite baiting system.
What termite protection method is most effective for my property?

OK, so we’ve established that there is more than one termite protection system available. So which one is best? This depends on a number of factors, each system having its own advantages for differing structures and soil types.

Frontline Pest Services will advise which option is best suited to your situation and which will offer the most effective risk control from further infestations.

Chemical Termite Barriers

A chemical termite barrier is a subterranean chemical deterrent system which is installed around the perimeter of a property. It works by creating a continuous barrier zone in the soil that is designed to kill termites that cross it. This is done by the use of a termiticide called Termidor.

Termidor works as a non-repellent, allowing the termites to forage freely into the treated zones where they pick up the chemical. When used correctly the Termidor doesn’t kill the termites instantly but allows them time to transfer it back to the nest with lethal effect on the colony.

Termite Baiting Systems
A termite baiting system is a series of below ground bait stations installed every 3 metres around the perimeter of your property and is designed to attract and eliminate termites in a safe non-invasive way. They work by tempting foraging termites to feed on wooden stakes within the bait stations before they get to your property. The bait stations are monitored on average every 8 weeks. If termite activity in a bait station is confirmed a bait matrix is introduced for the termites to feed on. This bait matrix contains an insect growth regulator that doesn’t work on them instantly, but allows them to transfer the chemical back to the nest where it will infect the colony with lethal effect. The active ingredient prevents individual termites in the colony from synthesising chitin (which in terms of function can be compared to keratin in our finger and toenails). The termites eventually perish as it leaves their exoskeleton soft and open to attack from disease and fungi.

Did you know…?

Interesting facts about termites. Find out more from the specialists about termites and how to protect your house.

Tazmania is the only state or territory in Australia that is free of termites that are destructive to buildings.

Fact 1

Many cultures eat termites either for nutrition, especially the larger queen termites!

Fact 2

A queen termite can lay up to 30,000 eggs per day!

Fact 3

Termites are thought to pre-date the dinosaurs and have existed for around 250 million years!

Fact 4


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