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Sunshine Coast Pest Control Services

We believe in educating customers about how to reduce the appeal of their homes and businesses to problem pests. Which is both cost-effective and helps protect our beautiful natural environment here on the Sunshine Coast by ensuring insecticides are used sparingly and responsibly and NOT as the sole line of defence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the chemicals you use toxic?

The products we use are the most modern and safest on the market and while toxic to insects and spiders, they have a low toxicity to mammals, especially when diluted to the specified label rates. Before being diluted most of our products are no more toxic than those you find in your typical cleaning products under your kitchen sink. Once our sprays have dried they are completely safe to you, your family, dogs or cats. Most of the products we use are ‘pyrethroids’ which are synthetically modified versions of the naturally occurring insecticide ‘pyrethrum’ found in Chrysanthemum flower heads.

Do I have to leave the house or premises whilst you spray?

Admittedly it is easier for us if you are out when we spray however we understand if you’d prefer to be present and this not a problem. All we ask is that you are outside whilst we spray inside and vice versa. If you have young children it is best if you can go out for a few hours as it can be hard to stop an inquisitive youngster from going about their business!

Is Pest Control safe around children and pets?

If our technician is made aware that there will be pets present when we carry out the treatment then we can take steps to make sure they are completely safe. As said before, once the spray has dried it is completely safe to you, your family and any dogs or cats.

How often do I need Pest Control?

This differs from household to household. Some customers don’t mind the odd creepy crawly whilst others don’t ever want to see one if it can be helped. Typically a general pest spray is done once a year with the option of an external ‘top up’ spray due to high rainfall diluting the residual effect of the insecticide. If ants are a particular problem the external spray is recommended 6 monthly.

Why are termites a common problem in Australia?

It surprises many not all termite species in Australia pose a threat to our building structures as many feed only on grass or decayed wood in or on the ground, and are vital for converting fallen trees into minerals and organic matter. However, large areas of Australia, including the Sunshine Coast, have a warm climate with high rainfall which is the ideal environment for hungry subterranean termites to thrive. When you add to this our heavy reliance on the use of timber as a building material and our love of well watered gardens then you have the perfect conditions to support large colonies of these termites which cause significant damage to our structures.

Why do I need a termite inspection?

Your home is usually the largest investment you make. An annual termite inspection is crucial for the early detection of termites that, left untreated, can cause significant structural damage to your home. An inspection will also help identify any conducive conditions that could attract termites to your home, so these can be rectified to minimise the risk of attack.

What if I find termites in or around my home?

Don’t disturb them or the area that you think they are in. Termites are extremely shy insects and if disturbed they will simply vacate the area only to relocate somewhere else which we may be unable to find until they have caused significant damage. Call us and we will visit immediately to make an assessment and implement a plan to eradicate them.

How can I prevent termite attack?

To lessen the risk of termite attack and to avoid their concealed access to your home there are a few simple steps that can be taken:

1. Avoid storing timber products such as firewood against the outside walls of your home or in ground contact, particularly under verandahs or under subfloors.
2. Avoid having plant beds and vegetation in contact with the walls of your house.
3. If your home is built on a raft concrete slab, ensure you maintain a clear 75mm visual view of the side of the slab. If you have weep holes in your walls ensure they are not covered. Both these measures are vital to minimise termites’ concealed access.
4. Fix poor drainage or leaks as soon as you notice them.
Have an annual inspection to ensure your barrier is working and to identify any conducive conditions so that they can be rectified asap.
5. Install a termite barrier treatment or baiting system to your property.


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