Love them or hate them, spiders are here to stay. These eight-legged critters often thrive in the most unexpected places, even within the darkest corners of our home. While some are definitely harmless and are comparable to innocent stragglers, most of them come with horrifying bites and venoms, and if you are not careful, you may experience a nasty pain unlike ever before.

Australia is no stranger to these creatures, much so that people are almost used to their presence indoors, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Even within your garden, you may find one lurking around, waiting for a tasty prey to come along and make the fatal mistake of walking on their sticky web.

With all of that said, you may be one of those who are either intrigued, scared, or simply impressed by spiders. While keeping your distance is more than enough to be safe, the truth is that there will always be instances when we may encounter them out of nowhere. 

If that is the case, it would only be appropriate to familiarise yourself with them, with enough knowledge to identify whether they pose a threat or not. Here are some of the most common Australian spiders to watch out for:

1. The Mouse Spider

If you are terrified of burrowing spiders, then this one may probably frighten you the most. The mouse spider is somewhat a cousin of the trapdoor spiders, in a way that they have the same method of getting their prey. They would set up a spot for their trap, after which they may lure unsuspecting prey to get their food.

They are identified by their large, chunky body, and are usually coloured black or dark brown. They also have enormous fangs and are categorised as high-risk. If you get bitten by one, get help fast to get treated immediately.

2. The White Tail Spider

This is another type of spider that you must avoid at all costs. Unlike the first example, they usually come in different colours, making them somewhat tricky to identify. They are recognised for the white spots at the top and the tail of their grey abdomen. They also have an oval body and legs that are all muted brown.

If you find one indoors or in your yard, by all means, exercise caution, as their bite results in your skin eating itself away or decaying.

3. The Funnel-Web Spider

Here is another horrifying eight-legged critter that you must avoid at first sight. The funnel-web spider’s colour usually ranges from glossy plum to black. They are typically seen outdoors, though you must not take your chances and clear away any possible hiding spot that they may have indoors.

Logs and rocks are their favourite places to settle in and wait for prey. Poke a couple of them with sticks if you are wary of a strange object suddenly appearing out of nowhere. This type of spider is also big in size and packs a very nasty and painful bite.


These are just some common examples of spiders that you may encounter in your yard and at the comfort of your indoor sections. Always place caution whenever you see some of them hanging around, and do not hesitate to ask for immediate help just in case you get bitten. 

There are more examples of household and outdoor spiders that roam around our homes. Be safe, be alert, and show them who’s boss by investing in a home pest inspection service. Live a life that’s free from fear and these pesky arachnids!

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