There are numerous reasons why humans despise pests. One of these is their ability to inflict physical pain on people. That’s why homeowners do everything in their power to make their home free from any pests. When locals spot signs of infestation in their property, they immediately call for termite inspections in Sunshine Coast to eliminate them before they can even start wreaking any type of havoc.

In this article, we will help you understand the differences among the three most common types of termites and how they cause inconveniences to homeowners like you. Read on.

Worker vs. Subterranean vs. Soldier Termites

The first kind is the worker termites. They are responsible for searching and collecting food for the colony and building termite mud tubes and nests. Worker termites are pale, have rounded heads and bodies, and have straight antennae. They are significantly smaller than the colony king and queen.

How do they damage a home? Termites love cellulose, and wood happens to be full of it. So, they look outside their nest to forage for wooden structures and bring them back to the colony. They feed on anything with cellulose, including drywall, clothing, wallpaper, and even carpet.

Some termites defend other termites from ant attacks. They are called soldier termites. Like the worker termites, they also have pale bodies, but their heads are dark, and their larger jaws nest their tough mandibles. These are the type of termites that can bite humans, albeit being a rare case. 

A bite from soldier termites isn’t harmful because they do not inject venom. They are also clean because they only feed on wood, and termites do not leave bite marks on the human body.

Next is the subterranean termites that cause the most damage among the termite species. These mites build a distinct nest called “mud tubes” to access food sources and protect themselves from open air. Subterranean termites have saw-toothed jaws that they use to chew off fragments of softwood.

How Termite Infestation Harms Your Home

Now that the distinctions among the most common termites are established, it’s time to answer the question: “Do they cause health problems to humans?”

The short answer is yes. At some point, they can indirectly affect someone’s health, especially subterranean termites that can cause mould issues. If anyone in the home is experiencing chronic nasal stuffiness, wheezing, coughing, and eye or skin irritation, it may be because of moulds that can be traced to termites.

However, the real danger termites impose is property damage. They build nests underground and feed on the interiors of the wood until they’re gone. Eventually, this can cause critical structural problems that may be impossible to solve.

One of the common misconceptions homeowners have about their home insurance policy is that it covers termite damage. Though true for some, it may not be the case for all insurers, as termite infestation can be prevented through maintenance.


Termites can wreak havoc on households with poor property maintenance. To prevent and eliminate any infestation, call professional help to have your property maintained and cleaned thoroughly.

If you want your home free from unwanted crawlies, hiring a licensed pest control service in Sunshine Coast is the answer. Frontline Pest Services will take care of your pesky problems. Get in touch with us for advice regarding pest management. For emergency pest control services, dial 04 2301 1106 for immediate assistance.