Taking matters into your own hands when dealing with pest problems can be dangerous. Even the most severe DIY pest removal efforts might backfire, leaving you worse off than before if you are not attentive and follow proper pest management measures.

This article will help you avoid making mistakes when dealing with unwanted pests creeping about your home and property. Let’s look at three pest control mistakes homeowners on the Sunshine Coast often make that won’t help them maintain a pest-free home.

1 – Assuming a Clean Kitchen Will Deter All Pests

You have probably heard that clean homes don’t attract pests and that a filthy kitchen is the most significant pest magnet. While both assertions are factual, this is not the case all the time.

Although having a tidy kitchen is something to be proud of, a clean kitchen alone won’t keep bugs at bay if you ignore other pest attractants. Pests will enter your home regardless of the cleanliness of your kitchen, especially if they’re attracted to excess moisture or a warm place to nest. While good hygiene (especially in the kitchen) will almost certainly reduce your risks of a pest infestation, please don’t count on it to keep your home pest-free.

2 – Using Your Pet to Control Pests

Even if your pet may occasionally catch a mouse in the basement or backyard, that doesn’t mean they’re a viable alternative to standard pest management. Putting your home in the hands of an unreliable exterminator by relying only on your family pet for pest control is a bad idea.

Most domesticated cats and dogs have little inclination to chase pests, much less go to great lengths to catch them. Even if your pet has a penchant for catching problems, it will never be able to see every burglar who enters your home. Pests can hide in small spaces that your pet can’t get to, such as beneath the floors or inside the walls.

3 – Ignoring What Isn’t Visible

Many homeowners believe they will always detect whether they have pests in their home, which is understandable. You would think that a pest infestation would be evident right away, but problems are surprisingly adept at concealing their presence. Their capacity to live inside your home and steal from your unseen resources is critical to their existence, so they’ve learnt to be far more cunning than you might think.

While you may only prepare for the infestation that you can see, it can do significant harm before you even notice they’re already there. Worse yet, you could be focusing solely on the areas of the infestation that are apparent and ignoring the more severe infestation hidden behind walls or beneath floorboards.

A professional pest control company on Sunshine Coast should evaluate your property regularly to uncover concealed pest infestations that are nearly invisible to the typical homeowner who doesn’t know where to look.

Wrapping Up

While you may have the infestation under control after attempting DIY remedies or even a single pest control treatment, pests are notorious for returning with a vengeance. The only way to get rid of them is to hire a reliable pest control company. Doing so ensures that the pests are not only removed now but also deterred from returning in the future.

If you’re looking for pest control services on the Sunshine Coast, look no further than Frontline Pest Services! Speak to our staff today, and our experts will find a long-term solution that works for you.